How to choose the right socks?

Choosing socks is a subject that rarely concerns itself, and yet! How to choose the right socks? What color? And the height? And how do you know which subject to choose? All these details are important questions if you want a perfect look because we know that details make perfection, on the other hand, perfection is not a detail.

The art of choosing your socks!

You can choose a sock, and not just any old way. Putting on any type of sock, with any color, is the best way to look like nothing. If you don’t want to spoil your entire outfit, it is imperative that you choose your socks carefully.

The height of your sock

To get started, you should know that there are three types of “socks” for men:

The half-socks: are the so-called long socks that come to you just below the knee.
The following model is 100% cotton, flexible, and airy, they are a real guarantee of comfort.

Socks: they reach halfway up the shin. These socks do not pilling on the fabric and hold up well over time. Plus, you have plenty of colors available.

The length depends on the style you want and of course, the clothing you are wearing. If you absolutely want to wear sneakers, converse or the like with shorts, why not. But please, avoid knee-highs as well as socks, prefer socks instead.

In the case of capri pants, we also favor socks. On the other hand, in the case of pants, you are free to put on what you want. Dare to wear socks and knee-highs, now is the time. Likewise, if you roll up your hems, you can. Nothing cheesy in there, on the contrary.

Color: between originality and sobriety.

Fans of Harry Potter, and Dobby, the free elf, would tell you that the color of the sock doesn’t matter, what matters is having 2 different ones… DON’T LISTEN TO THEM! They are good at a lot of things, but not at fashion. Evidenced by the pillowcase that serves as clothing for Dobby.


To help you in your choice of sock color, we will start from the assumption that you wear simple pants, with dress shoes. Several choices are available to you:

To help you in your choice of sock color, we will start from the assumption that you wear simple pants, with dress shoes. Several choices are available to you:

If you have great shoes that you want to show off, you better go for dark socks, in black or navy blues. This choice will avoid attracting the eye to your socks, and not on the same occasion, your shoes will be sublimated. If you are a fan of discretion. Do not hesitate to opt for the same choice.

Does your outfit have a color detail that you would like to highlight? No problem. Opt for socks of the same color. They will allow a discreet but elegant reminder. A nice way to highlight a color you like.

Of originality! That’s all! You don’t want anything else! Well, be it! That too socks allow you. Go for colorful socks, with or without a pattern, opt for color, whatever. On the other hand, it is clearly a choice that must be made. You can be sure of one thing, people are sure to look down as you pass.

What material to survive in all seasons?

This is not easy when you know nothing damn about matters. Oh yes! You know that wool keeps you warm. This is already a good starting point.

Imagine that for the most popular socks, you will not need to inquire about the season. Since finally:

You can wear wool, summer, and winter. Indeed, it will keep you warm in winter but will absorb perspiration in summer. However, by starting with alpaca or merino, always varieties of wool, you will retain the fineness of cotton.

In the event that you are a chilly first, you also have the silk socks. Be careful, they are more expensive and they require hand washing given their fragility. But guaranteed … You will never have cold feet again.

But you also have socks that exist in linen, perfect for summer because they are light and absorb perspiration very well.

Or cashmere, very soft and very warm for winter.

Which socks to keep your feet warm during the winter?

How to stop feeling cold in winter? Warm your feet in your ski boots? Protect yourself from the cold? Recurring questions both from outdoor practitioners but also from anyone wishing to find warmth and comfort for their feet.

Warm and comfortable socks

Just a quick note before starting: being cold in winter is normal, even more so in the mountains. The only thing that can be ensured is that with our engineering, we (humans) have been able to invent products that “limit” the feeling of cold, but we can always find a limit. It is only an additional comfort. By choosing the most suitable products, you optimize the chances of comfort for the desired condition, but you can never be sure that you are not cold. If you want to be sure that you are not cold, stay home!

Most often we think of woolen socks. Merino is a thermal regulator designed to provide warmth and comfort. Be careful, some warm socks have more thicknesses. Make sure you have enough room to accommodate them. Otherwise, your traffic will be cut off. And you will have cold feet.

A sock in a shoe is above all a question of hygiene. The feet sweat and the shoes do not wash like you can with socks. So changing socks every day is not a crazy idea. But besides hygiene, it’s really also a question of look. You can really change your image with a simple pair of socks and bring a lot of comfort to your feet. So be careful to choose them well.


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