Articles About Socks

How to choose the right socks?

Choosing socks is a subject that rarely concerns itself, and yet! How to choose the right socks? What color? And the height? And how do you know which subject to choose? All these details are important questions if you want a perfect look because we know that details make perfection, …

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Best Selection of Socks for Men

Original socks, for sport, in wool, cotton or lisle thread for an elegant look, find our complete selection of Cotton Socks for Men and follow our advice. Our selection of men’s socks helps you find the best pair of socks for your use. Having an adequate collection of socks doesn’t …

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How to Treat Smelly Feet

Treat your Smelly Feet

Part 1 of 3: Stop Smelly Feet Part 2 of 3: Stop Smelly Boots Part 3 of 3: Treatment of Smelly Feet with Home Remedies Stinky feet are annoying and often embarrassing for oneself and those around them. The smell of your feet is mainly due to sweat and shoes. There are …

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The History of Socks

Socks ister flip flop socks

Summary History of the sock Birth of socks and tights Beginning of knitted socks Birth of nylon stockings Stockings during World War II Stockings in the spotlight Manufacture and sale of fine stockings History of the sock The history of the sock goes back to the distant days of ancient …

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